Computer Virus|Friends Prank

How to shut down friends PC using Batch file?  Friends its just a Virus which contains some commands in a batch file format, but it will not harm any computer, so friends let us see how to prank yours friends using friends computer, following are the steps by which we can prank our friends :- Step [...]


Creating hotspot on Windows without any software | Using Command Prompt

- Step 1. Run Cmd(Command Prompt) As administrator. Step 2. Type - 'netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Nirstechteam  key=password' and press enter. (note-change your ssid & key as your choice) It will configure your hosted network. Final step. Whenever you want to start the hotspot just goto command prompt(as administrator) and type - 'netsh wlan [...]

What is Registry Editor in Windows & How to open the Windows Registry Editor? 

            Intro to Registry editor:- The Windows registry stores a wide variety of configuration settings. Nearly all configuration settings included with Windows are stored here. Third-party programs can also use the registry to store their settings, although they can also store settings in configuration files the choice is up to [...]