Lenovo Owned Moto has launched the Moto C Plus in India today & Will be available on Flipkart starting Tuesday, june 20 . Here Is some Core Specifications of Moto C Plus ..   Specs : Body Dimensions - 144 x 72.3 x 10 mm; 162gm Sim Card - Single/Dual Nano SIMs ( Slot [...]


Sensors In SmartPhones 

Sensors have been used in cellphones since they were invented but if we talk about SmartPhones , Sensors are the thing thats make a SmartPhone Smart .. With the help of various sensors, man-made devices are able to feel the world like God-made creatures do..  The most popular sensors which most SmarPhones have & their basic functions are  [...]

Brute Force Hack Attack & Dictionary Attack | Cyber Security 

Brute force attack is an automated and simplest method to gain access to a system. An attacker checks & tries different combination of all possible usernames & passwords  over and over again until the correct one is found. Brute force attack can be use to decrypt any encrypted data or crack a password protected account. Similarly a [...]

Creating hotspot on Windows without any software | Using Command Prompt

- Step 1. Run Cmd(Command Prompt) As administrator. Step 2. Type - 'netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Nirstechteam  key=password' and press enter. (note-change your ssid & key as your choice) It will configure your hosted network. Final step. Whenever you want to start the hotspot just goto command prompt(as administrator) and type - 'netsh wlan [...]

How To Access Computer’s HardDrive (Files) From Your Android SmartPhone Locally Using Wi-Fi | Network Shares ..

Step 1. At first connect Your Phone and your computer in a same network with wi-fi.(use usb tethering if you don't have Wi-fi on your pc) step 2.Download ES file explorer from play store and install in on your phone. step 3.Open computer and right click on the drive you want to access from your [...]