Malware and Symptoms of Malware affected systems.

Malware is an abbreviated term meaning “malicious software”. This is a software that is specifically design to gain access or damage the computer without your knowledge. There are various types of malware including spyware, keyloggers,  true viruses, worms and many types of malware that can harm your computer.


How do you know that your system is infected to malware?

1. The intention of malware is to slow down your PC day by day. Even it may also slow down your Internet  and application software’s speed.


2. Another sign of malware is POPUP. It suddenly open a Window on your desktop when you click mouse button or automatically.Generally this type of malware can enter into a system through visiting harmful websites or from any untrusted software installation.But this type of malware is very difficult to remove from system.


3.System or Application software may be crashed from malware infection,and can be caused of BSOD (Blue Screen Of death).Your system may unexpected shutdown and come a blue screen in front of you,or after power on a blue screen can be stuck on screen. Though BSOD can be caused from Hardware Related Issue also.


4.Your web Browser default home page change automaticaly,and also you notice that some new buttons and tool bars which are not present in earlier,are present suddenly to your browser.


5. you notice a lot of hard drive activity even when your computer is idle ,No download,upload ,copy is ocurred,then this is a warning sign of a malware can check the Hard Disk Drive activity from Resource Monitor.

Resource Monitor

Why Hacker Uses KEYLOGGER

KEYLOGGER: A KEYLOGGER may be a Software or Hardware device used to store KEYSTROKES typed by a user.It can be Your User name,Password,Bank Account Number,ATM Pin,Debit Card Number,Text Chat and everything which you type to keyboard.A SOFTWARE KEYLOGGER is a Programme which can be installed on your system and A HARDWARE KEYLOGGER is a device which is plugged in in your keyboard connector and then it connect to the system.Usually this type of activity performed by a Hackers to Collect your KEYSTROKES.



Intel Announced Core i9 X-Series The Next Generation Extreme Performance Processor


Intel announced a new series of desktop processor under the core X-Series. That’s an extreme platform for desktop PC.This is a Massive High Performance Multitasking Processor By Intel. The intention of Intel i9 Skylake X Processor is to defeated AMD’s New High Perform Ryzen Chips.

The Core i9 will include an unprecedented 18-core model, in addition to 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 14 , and 16 core versions. Core refers to the number of individual processing units which allows The CPU to handle more and more tasks at once.

The Intel Core i9-7900X is a 10-cores Processor with 20 threads, Which Used By Hyper-threading Technology.It has L3 cache a amount of 13.75 MB.

These new chips comes with Intel’s new updated Turbo Boost Max 3.0 which allows the CPU to temporarily increase their clock speed without overheating. This Processors also contain Turbo Boost 2.0.


i9-7900X has a base clockspeed of 3.3 GHz, it increase up to 4.3GHz via Turbo Boost 2.0 and 4.5GHz via Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Technology.

i9-7900X  Supports DDR4 2666 FSB(Front Side Bus) RAM Upto 128GB and also 4 RAM slots.

The TDP(Thermal Design Power) of i9-7900X is 140W.

Cost of i9-7900X is $999.

It is Based on the Intel New Chipset x299 which is a High End Chipset.

LGA 2066 Is The Supported Socket For Intel X-Series Processors.