Malware and Symptoms of Malware affected systems.

Malware is an abbreviated term meaning "malicious software". This is a software that is specifically design to gain access or damage the computer without your knowledge. There are various types of malware including spyware, keyloggers,  true viruses, worms and many types of malware that can harm your computer. How do you know that your system [...]


Why Hacker Uses KEYLOGGER

KEYLOGGER: A KEYLOGGER may be a Software or Hardware device used to store KEYSTROKES typed by a user.It can be Your User name,Password,Bank Account Number,ATM Pin,Debit Card Number,Text Chat and everything which you type to keyboard.A SOFTWARE KEYLOGGER is a Programme which can be installed on your system and A HARDWARE KEYLOGGER is a device which is [...]

Intel Announced Core i9 X-Series The Next Generation Extreme Performance Processor

Intel announced a new series of desktop processor under the core X-Series. That’s an extreme platform for desktop PC.This is a Massive High Performance Multitasking Processor By Intel. The intention of Intel i9 Skylake X Processor is to defeated AMD’s New High Perform Ryzen Chips. The Core i9 will include an unprecedented 18-core model, in [...]