Computer Virus|Friends Prank


How to shut down friends PC using Batch file? 

Friends its just a Virus which contains some commands in a batch file format, but it will not harm any computer, so friends let us see how to prank yours friends using friends computer, following are the steps by which we can prank our friends :-

Step Follows:-

  1. Firstly we have to use NOTE PAD :- 
    • We can find Notepad by clicking the Start menu and selecting “Programs” “Accessories” “Notepad“. You can also click the Start menu, type notepad, and press Enter


  2. Type shutdown.exe -s on the first line.By using this command you can shut down the computer.2
  3. We can also use the timer by Type -t.

By default, the shutdown process will be delayed by 30 seconds. You can change this by using the -t flag with the number of seconds you want to delay.

For example, To create a shutdown command that waits 10 seconds, type                                                        shutdown.exe -s -t 10

If you want to restart in place of shutdown then, type shutdown.exe -r -t 10

To create a shutdown command that shuts the computer down                                                  immediately, type shutdown.exe -s -t 00 34. If you want you can personalize message to the shut down notification by using the -c “Comment”

For example, we can let the user know how longe until the shut down begins by typing shutdown.exe -s -t 10 “April Fool”4

5. After this you have to save the file so go to File and then Save as.

But first you have to choose All files  5

By defalt it will be .txt but we have to save the file in .bat 


After this we can click on Save botton.

6. By the process of saving we can identify by the batch file has been created by looking at the icon shown as below-7

7. Then we have to run the file created for the shutdown process

So, now my question is do you want to make fun with yours friend then go for this Pranking computer Virus, you can use this virus just by coping to any flash device and just copy it to friends computer and just run once for the shut down pocess.




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